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Official Karndean Floor Fitting & Suppliers in Oxfordshire

Manor Flooring is an established Oxfordshire based flooring company set up by Dan Burgess with over 15 years experience in supplying and fitting all types of flooring across the UK specialising in Karndean, but also real wood, all carpet types and sheet vinyl. We offer free quotes and estimates backed by an unrivalled aftercare service to all customers. We pride ourselves in the high level of personal service that see our customers coming back time and time again.


Karndean Flooring

Manor Flooring are passionate about helping you find the perfect high quality Karndean floor to suit your space, your needs and your style. 


Quality Carpets

We have hand-picked some of the best carpet manufactures around so you don’t have to spend your valuable time looking everywhere.


Real Wood Flooring

From elegant solid Oak to engineered real hardwood, Manor Flooring can offer you the very best in your real wood flooring requirements. 


Sheet Vinyl

Whether you choose the modern or traditional look, our full range of quality sheet vinyl flooring is perfectly adaptable to your home’s needs.

The Different Ranges of Karndean Flooring

There are many different floors to choose from in the Karndean range, they include Knight Tile, Van Gogh, Loose Lay, Art Select, Da Vinci, Opus, Michelangelo and Kaleidoscope. You will have a vast selection to choose from in every style and price to suit all budgets including wood and Stone effect effect tiles that would look simply stunning in kitchens and bathrooms.

So if you are looking for that something a little more prestigious and practical Karndean would make an excellent choice. Just ask us about our price range and get a free estimate for your room or rooms either by calling us on 01235 321554 or by using the website form.

We Are an Oxfordshire Platinum Karndean Supplier

Manor Flooring are proud to be associated with the very high quality flooring company Karndean. We are able to bring you the complete range of tile and vinyl flooring types by Karndean at very competitive prices. The Company were founded in 1973 here in the UK and have been supplying the highest standard in commercial and domestic flooring for over 40 years.

The Karndean range of floors that we supply and fit across Oxfordshire are of the highest quality and expertly crafted to ensure they are not only a perfect fit but make your room look exceptionally amazing. It’s your house and it deserves to have the best.

Why Get Your House Fitted With a Luxury Karndean Floor?

Karndean is one of the leading manufacturers of luxury vinyl flooring in UK and they are popular among homeowners because of their versatility and design. Karndean flooring are made from PVC coupled with high quality plasticizers that make them durable. This luxury flooring options are manufactured in a way so as to mimic many natural flooring products, but without any of their negative properties. Karndean vinyl floors are perfect for any room in your house – they come with a protective cover on top, which protects it from moisture and hence can be used in bathrooms and kitchen as well. This flooring option is suitable for your stairs as well.

We are an authorised platinum retailer of Karndean Flooring for several years. Our in-depth knowledge and understand of Karndean products lets us help our customers to enjoy quality flooring at a low cost. We can recommend the right Karndean range for your rooms and also which strips will look nice with the tiles you have chosen.

Karndean recommends that you take the help of a professional fitters like us to install the floorings. This is because the tiles must be acclimatised to room temperature at least 24 hours before installation. Additionally, the flooring must be installed in accordance with the installation flooring standards and practices of the country in which the Karndean Floor is being installed. These standards are known only to professional Karndean fitters like us. Moreover, if you try to install the tiles yourself, you will have to buy the Karndean’s prescribed adhesive.

You should also know that if you install the floorings yourself, it will void the warranty on the product. Moreover, if you run into some problem while fitting the tiles, there is no one to turn to and you have to buy new tiles again. Whereas, if you hire us, we will refit your rooms at free of cost if there is some problem with the fitting.

The cost of Karndean Flooring is slightly higher than other vinyl flooring options, but that is to be expected. After all, Karndean is a luxury vinyl flooring option. They definitely cost less than original hardwood floors and ceramic tile floors, yet provide the same look. Moreover, if you factor in the diverse range of products and design you get with Karndean, and the low cleaning and maintenance cost, Karndean flooring is really affordable and will give a high ROI.

The price of installation varies from Karndean fitters to fitters but with us, you will get the lowest cost per square metre in Oxfordshire. Cost of the Karndean vinyl flooring tiles also varies depending on the range you choose from. The difference in price is because each range is characterised by a wear layer. The better the wear layer, the better the protection from wear and tear.

Karndean Flooring also comes with different strips that helps give the impression of grouting for a natural effect. These strips can be used with both wood plank and tiles to mimic the contemporary look and feel of natural flooring. These strips come in three forms and the overall cost of Karndean flooring varies with the type of strips used:

  • Design strips – these are strips cut from another tile or wood plank. They come in 3mm, 5mm  and 10mm.
  • All the Karndean ranges we supply and fit have a lifetime guarantee of 35 years residential.

Karndean Flooring also has the option of choosing a border for your floor and there are three options to choose from. Decorative borders can be used with all of the current Karndean ranges as they are designed to complement both tile and wood plank floors. If you have used metallic strips or design strips in your floor, then the Keyline border is the best option.

If you are looking for a more affordable Karndean border for your floor, Tramline border is just for you. They can be used in combination with feature strips, metallic strips and design strips for a range of effects. Karndean Flooring is a great way to get the natural look and feel of wood and ceramic floors at a lower cost. Call us today to get a detailed Karndean flooring price list on a specific range and get your personalised quote within hours.

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