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Real Wood Flooring Service

A new floor adds character to any home or office. Our wood floor installation services are second to none. We have highly qualified workmen and guarantee our workmanship for life.

Solid wood flooring is the original wood flooring. Planks are cut from the log and are then kiln dried to a stable condition normally between 8 to 12% moisture level. They are then machined into various widths, lengths and grades. A profile is given either square edged or tongue and grooved. They are then finished at the factory with a lacquer or wax or in many cases are left unfinished to be finished on site by the

Engineered flooring is basically a hardwood veneer on a cross ply base. It is very easy to install and is far more stable than solid wood flooring and has many other advantages. The installation methods can be very different to Solid wood flooring. It comes in various thicknesses from about 10mm to 21mm.

WoodPeckers Flooring

At Kenton Floors ‘Affordable quality’ is no idle claim. Our traditional high standards of selection and machining of every plank of flooring – instituted in the original small factory where the first floors were made – are still applied today now that our manufacturing facilities extend to thirteen state of the art factories around the globe. Every board goes through a rigid quality and grading process to ensure that the highest possible standards are met to guarantee your perfect satisfaction.

Traditional hand finishing to achieve a timeless elegance

The boards are then put through finishing processes such as lacquering, oiling or antiquing – many of which are carried out by hand using centuries old traditions – for that timeless elegance that only a natural wood floor can bring to your home. Finally it is stored in our extensive warehousing facility where we hold large stocks ready for immediate dispatch to fulfil your requirements. All so that you can enjoy the natural elegance of timeless tradition without delay once you have made your selection. We trust you will experience as much pleasure from your floor as we have had in bringing it to you.

Your satisfaction guaranteed with a 25 year warranty

Each Woodpecker floor carries this outstanding reassurance of our confidence that you will not find a better value product anywhere on the market. Your satisfaction depends on our care and attention to detail, such as the careful selection of the trees before they are felled and the way in which the timber is sawn, stacked and dried.

In most cases the sawn timber is air dried for over twelve months prior to a 2 stage kilning and dehumidification process to achieve maximum stability. It is then carefully selected for grain pattern, colour variation and knots, to provide the many varied appearances that are available within the Woodpecker range. It is then machined using the latest technologies – in many cases to engineering tolerances that up to a few years ago would have been thought impossible – so we can bring virtual perfection to your floor.

Wood flooring too cold? We have a full range of carpets too.