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Carpet can change the whole mood and style of your home. There is a wide range of padding types to use under carpet. Some carpets require a thicker pad and some a thinner one. The use of carpet adds warmth to the home, keeping your feet warm in the winter. This is especially true if your home is built on a concrete slab. Carpet can make a room very formal or very laid back and relaxed.

The use of carpet in your home is especially preferable if you have small children. When they play on carpet and fall, they are less likely to get hurt. Carpet on steps is very important to lessen the chance of falling down them. You are less likely to slip on carpet rather than on wood. Wood is very slippery if you polish it wrong or have moisture on your feet. With wood on the steps, you may get to the bottom faster than you intend to with not good results.

If your home has a second floor, carpeted floors are quieter to walk on and it doesn’t sound like the person above you is going to come through the ceiling. This is also a benefit for steps for the same reason.

Some people believe that wood or tile is easier to maintain if spills occur. True, with wood or tile you can just wipe it up, however it is not so hard to do on carpet either.

Whatever floor you have will get dirty. Carpet is easily vacuumed to maintain a pristine appearance. Wood gets dusty and dull and needs proper cleaning also. Wood is harder and more expensive to clean and maintain than carpet. Stone tile has grout lines that need to be maintained. If you use the wrong products on wood or tile, they lose their luster.

Carpet is far more comfortable to walk on and kinder to your feet. Wood or tile are hard surfaces and transmit the cold from the floor to your feet and body.

Most carpeted areas only require cleaning every 12 months. Some busy areas may need more. Carpet helps keep a house more dust free since a lot of soil is trapped in the carpet and easily removed by weekly vacuuming. Wood or tile just moves the soil around making it become more airborne, which is not good for your allergies. I know, I know, some people think that carpet promotes allergies. Well that is not true, but that is another article.

All three types of flooring have a place in your home. It depends what you like and what look you’re trying to attain. Carpet can give you any motif you want in an endless array of color and styles. At the end of the day, carpet is good for whatever you want it to be. If you drop an expensive glass on a carpet there is a chance of saving it, on tile or wood there is no chance at all. Carpet is truly the best choice in flooring for all your needs.

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