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Initially used for road construction in the early century Roman culture, the use of pavers have grown in scale and has occupied the areas of home improvement and commercial development. Design-wise, flooring pavers are geometrically molded blocks or slabs of paving materials used to cover surface areas. This type of flooring material is popular for its puzzle-like appearance which consists of interlocking pavers arranged in different aesthetic formations, providing functionality while also being pleasing to the eye.

Types of Pavers: Variety for All Uses

Homeowners generally use paving stones in the patio, garden or driveway. For commercial use, interlocking pavers are commonly seen in sidewalks, public parks or commercial grounds. Because of its wide-scale use, different paving stone types were developed to suit the needs of each market:

Brick Pavers: traditional brick products used for paving surfaces are the red clay and rectangular-shaped slabs which are compacted through a high temperature kiln. Aside from the distinct red shade, brick pavers are popular for their sturdiness and durability. Brick pavers are also known for their flexibility in pattern and style. Pink, gray or brown bricks are also used in mainstream home improvement projects and are arranged in different ways such as basket weave, running bond, stacked design or the diagonal herringbone style.Concrete Pavers: this type is more or less, a variation of brick pavers; instead of clay, the components of the mixture include water, concrete or cement, sand and other types of solid aggregates which are then molded under a high temperature kiln. Concrete pavers are commonly rectangular in shape and are arranged in the floor surface with gaps/joints of grout, grass, gravel or sand. Flooring pavers of this type are popular for their simple, minimalist yet tidy appearance.Stone Pavers: boast of the natural look that they can bring in any spot. Paving components used for this type include granite, limestone or flagstone which are polished and molded to suit the pattern desired. Stone pavers are a popular choice among customers who look for natural-looking elements that can be varied according to color, size, form and finish.

Landscaping with pavers does not only leverage on the aesthetic appearance of the end product; the wide use of paving stones proves their functionality and flexibility at a value-for-money cost. Homeowners, property owners and commercial developers can both balance the elements of style and function with the use of pavers or paving stones.

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