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When the time comes to choose new flooring for your home, the experience can be an exciting one because there are so many different styles available, but it can be difficult to choose between the two that are most desirable: carpet or hardwood. While the plush, luxurious feel of wall-to-wall carpeting is like no other, hardwood flooring gives style and elegance to any room while adding overall value to your home. Perhaps you feel that carpeting is too hard to clean and will take more maintenance, especially if you have children and pets, but carpeting can have its advantages as well. Before you choose your home’s next flooring, read on and discover why you should dismiss the option of carpeting.

The biggest advantage of carpeting is that it makes a room feel warm, inviting, and feels great under your bare feet, especially if you go with carpet that has deep pile. There’s no feeling in the world like coming home after a long day at work, kicking off your shoes, and feeling that warm, lush carpeting under your bare feet. It’s also much warmer to walk on during the winter months as opposed to hardwood flooring-imagine waking up on a freezing winter morning and having to put your bare feet on a cold, bare floor? Carpeting means comfort, and there is no better way to make your home feel cozy. If you’re worried about the cleaning that’s involved with carpeting, there are ways to keep it looking new-there is carpeting available that is stain resistant, or you might want to consider using carpeting only in rooms that do not see a lot of traffic. If you have pets, you might want to make carpeted rooms off-limits to them unless they can be completely trusted not to use them as a toilet.

While you might think that all carpeting is expensive, there are places where you can find carpets for less money than it would cost to install hardwood flooring. By doing a little research online and around town before buying your carpeting, you can save a great deal of money and purchase a great-looking, stylish carpet at the same time. Check out discount flooring stores, home hardware warehouses, and search the Internet for the best deal before you settle on your carpeting. If the time has come to install new flooring in your home, then take some time to understand that when it comes to comfort and style, carpet is king.

Hardwood has reigned as the king of flooring for many years now. But if you’ve seen the carpet in showrooms today, you know hardwood’s reign isn’t as firm as it once was. So, there’s no reason not to follow your heart’s desire for foot-soothing comfort, and choose carpet over hardwood.

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