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Amtico flooring is the perfect style of flooring for any person who is looking to improve their home. It would also look very stylish and professional for any business that is thinking about redesigning there offices. Amtico flooring is only a fraction of the price of what a hardwood floor would cost you, but not only that, the length of time it takes to install is much shorter also. If you want you could even install the flooring yourself but this is not advised as it is a job for an expert like myself.

The most popular style of Amtico flooring is wood, but Amtico does actually have some different choices of wood for you to think about so no mater what your design is there will be a wood style Amtico flooring that will go great with your vision. The Amtico essentials range has many different wood styles, but we are going to have a look at the three most popular ones that they have.

Antique Wood

The antique wood design of Amtico gives you the look of a classic old antique hardwood floor that has been around for years and years. The Amtico antique wood tiles though will only cost you a small fraction of what a real antique hardwood floor would look like. And of course there is the upkeep that a real antique hardwood floor requires. There is none of that with the Amtico version, but it looks just as good.

The Oak Collection

Amtico flooring offers three different styles of oak flooring. Farmhouse oak, Golden oak and light oak. Oak really gives a room some warmth to it. And there are a variety of different types of oak flooring that Amtico provide. So if you want a light or dark shade of oak then Amtico have you covered.

American Cherry

If you are looking for a wood style floor that has a somewhat redness to it, but is not to overpowering then American Cherry is certainly for you. If you have a nice fire place then American Cherry really does a great job of adding even more character to it.

These are just a small sample of the wood style Amtico flooring that is on offer. These however are the three most popular choices that people doing remodels tend to chose. That is one of the beauties of Amtico flooring the choice. No mater what your design style is there will be Amtico flooring tiles that will suit your room perfectly.

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