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Creative Floors

Type #1 – Pennies

People have been using pennies to make creative floors and they do this by first taking a ton of pennies and finding a small to medium sized room and making sure that the surface is really level and smooth.
Then they adhere the pennies to the floor using a thin set or taking a really strong epoxy or long term contact glue similar to liquid nails and apply it to the floor and place the pennies in the floor.
From this they go back and using a smooth style grout apply grout to the floor to seal around all the cracks between each of the pennies.
Some use a finalization process of a clear sealer. Not needed though.

Type #2 – Puzzle Pieces

You can really make incredible creative floors this way. You aren’t limited to a certain type of media and you can get as crazy as you want.
Using laminate, hardwood, carpet, or tile you can make a design that fits with another piece that goes on the floor as individual pieces that all fit together.
Using the same application practice as you would if you were going to just lay the flooring type normally only you’ll be working with individual pieces.
What’s awesome is that you can mix and match media. Using tile and wood and carpet all for the same floor. You can get as creative and you want with your floor. The more complicated the cuts the more detail the more your friends will be amazed.

Type #3 – Illusion Floors

This one might take a little more planning and definitely more creativity.
You will be creating a scene on the floor that looks to be coming out of the floor or going into the floor and it gives the viewer a sense of motion or depth that normal floors never are able to do.
These work awesome for game rooms, kids rooms, or if you’re really crazy using this at entrances causes quiet a first impression to people.
You can really become the house on the block that gets talked about. You won’t see a lot of people with this type of floor so you can be assured that you will be very unique in this approach.
Find a good artist or it could work against you though if the illusion doesn’t happen it just looks like a big picture on the floor. Which I guess could be cool too.
Be sure to seal it very well and using strong adhesion paints just ask your paint shop all about this project they know whats best.

Look I couldn’t possibly give you all the information about this subject in this short article but you can surely get lots of resources for this project here.

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