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As the temperatures turn cooler and autumn lingers near, now is the perfect time to begin a new remodeling project. Cooler weather means less humidity, which can gum up remodeling projects. If you are thinking of remodeling your floors, fall is the best time to do so.

Why Fall?
Remodeling projects can be done at anytime, but when it comes to hardwood flooring, it is best to wait until the humidity drops. Spring and summer have the highest levels of humidity in the air, which can warp the flooring. Since this type flooring is an organic, natural product, it will behave in the same manner as organic material: a porous material like wood will absorb moisture. Wood flooring will react to the moisture and humidity within a home, when humidity levels can increase up to 90%. High moisture levels in the home during installation can later create separation problems.

In the winter, home can rapidly lose moisture due the drying effect of heaters and the lower moisture levels in the air. Any moisture that was absorbed while installing the hardwood floors will dry up in the winter, pulling the swollen planks apart. As the humidity levels increase within the house as warmer temperatures approach, the separated planks will swell again, creating a cupping affect, where the planks push together and thus creating a warped floor.

Fall installations can help minimize this effect. If the flooring is installed in the fall, with lower moisture levels, the dry air of the heaters and the air will have little to no effect on the boards, and separation will be at a minimum. With little moisture to absorb, the planks will fit snuggly together, decreasing the amount of moisture the planks will absorb throughout future summers.

Getting a Helping Hand
Many DIY weekend warriors will attempt to remodel their hardwood flooring, but installation should be left to experienced professionals. Professional installers will know how to minimize the amount of moisture the planks are exposed to and can install the flooring so that future cupping is all but eliminated. They can also handle any structural flaws of the subflooring that can make the floor uneven, a problem that many DIY warriors may be unfamiliar with.

Hardwood flooring can add dimension and design to your home, and increase the resale value, but improperly installed hardwood flooring can detract from the look and feel of the home. To make the most of your home and its design, trust your remodeling projects to trained professionals. But act quickly! There are many homeowners looking to remodel the hardwood falls before the humidity of spring hits again.

PJ Hart is the owner of Atlanta Hardwood Flooring, a hardwood flooring installation and refinishing company. PJ Hart was the first contractor in the state of Georgia to become certified by the NWFA. Atlanta Hardwood Flooring specializes in site-finished hardwood installation and high quality hardwood floor refinishing in Atlanta. Learn more about Atlanta hardwoods at

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