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So where should you look for your information? Well there are plenty of places to find good DIY advice and ideas.

Friends and Family

Whatever task you’re undertaking, there’s a good chance that someone else you know will have done it before you. Ask around and they’ll probably be very happy to share any tips they picked up along the way. They may also have tools particular to that job that they can lend you. Sometimes buying all the tools for a job can be expensive so this too could be a big help.

The Internet

There is a wealth of information on DIY to be found on the Internet, and plenty of design ideas too. There are ‘how to’ articles on just about every job you can imagine. There are also plenty of videos so you can watch someone else doing the job. Often this makes it much clearer than a list of instructions or diagrams. You’ll find lots of photographs of other people’s design projects, great for inspiration and ideas to implement in your own home. You’ll also find online several calculators that you can use to work out exactly how many bathroom wall tiles you need or how many rolls of wallpaper you need. This is very useful to make sure you don’t buy too much and overspend needlessly, and also to ensure that you don’t run out part way through your project. Read up on safety procedures too and make sure you have all the relevant safety equipment. Make sure your tools are in good condition and you know how to use them properly. If you have lost the instructions manuals for any of your power tools these can usually be found online. Try the manufacturers website first, these days many manufacturers have all the manuals for their products available to download.

Books and Magazines

There are also plenty of books and magazines dedicated to DIY. They can be expensive but you often can pick them up very cheaply from charity shops and car boot sales. They may be old but a lot of the information may well still be relevant, especially if you have an older house with old plumbing etc.

Shop staff

Don’t forget you can also ask the staff in stores for help and advice, many of them have fully trained and knowledgeable staff members available to help you. Don’t forget too that if you’re shopping online you can also ask questions via email. You’ll usually get a swift reply.

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