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Australia isn’t known just for its shrimps on the barbie or the Outback. There is more to this rugged land than food and desert. Australia has a rich culture and diversity to it, but it is rapidly becoming popular for more aesthetic reasons. Australian hardwoods are quickly becoming the latest trend in hardwood flooring and with its twenty different species of hardwood planks available, Australian hardwoods are fast becoming the flooring of choice.


There are twenty different species of hardwoods available from Australia, from Ash, Blackbutt and Tallowwood to various tableland species, which means there are plenty of different styles available from which to choose. For lighter colored woods, there is the Ash species, which includes Alpine Ask, Mountain Ash, and Silvertop Ash, which offers a nice pale wood with little to no knots or variegations. Ash planks tend to be relegated to indoor areas, as it is not as durable as some of its Australian cousins. In fact, Ash is a softer wood, and should only be used in protected areas with less traffic.

Unlike Ash, which has a more pinkish color to its grain, Tallowwood is a blonde hardwood with grey or olive green grains within its timber and is the strongest of the hardwoods, making this timber a more durable plank. It is often used in areas of heavier traffic, due to its denser core and stronger structure. Tallowwood can be used indoors or out, and when sealed, looks almost like beach sand.

Australia is also home to varieties of White Cypress and White Mahogany, which are paler woods, but if you are looking for a deeper, rich red wood, Jarrah can offer you just that. In the eucalyptus family, Jarrah’s heartwood is a decadent reddish brown, much like the Cherry wood planks we are accustomed to, and can open up a room with warm rich tones. It is a medium strength wood, able to withstand lots of foot traffic, paneling and in some cases, the interior framework of a house. Karri is another deeper reddish wood, which when coated, brings in the oranges and reds of autumn into a room. The Karri species is not easily worked with, as it has a tenser interlocking grain that increases its density. However, when appropriately handled, it can be a warm addition to a room.

If you are looking for new hardwood flooring, why not check out what Australia has to offer. There are many interesting paler woods coming from the southern region of Australia which are durable and attractive. Check with your hardwood flooring specialist to see sample of Australian woods. If you decide to add in or replace hardwood floors, be sure that a professional, reliable hardwood flooring company installs the floor for you. With some hardwoods may be difficult to manage for new DIY weekend warriors, but an experienced hand to manage the installation in no time.

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