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Tiles protect the surface of floors from damages. Floor tiles not only protect the surface but also offer beauty to the place. When you install them, go for a professional installation as they may decrease the number of cracks or breakages later. Tiling materials’ quality is also an important aspect, when you consider their durability. You can find them in different varieties like ceramic, porcelain, travertine, mosaic, marble, quartz and limestone. You can choose the ones based upon the expected foot traffic and usage. Select the ones, which are strong in nature to cut the work of replacement and repairs.

When you find chipped or broken tiles on the floor, you must replace them immediately, as they destroy the beauty of the floors. Floor tiles which contain scratches or stains are also replaced to offer unique and elegant look. You have to take out the damaged material and replace them with new ones. The new material should match the ones already installed. For removing the old floor, first you must remove the grout lines surrounding the tiles. You should do it with patience otherwise, many tiles may get damaged. You can use the grout saw to remove them carefully. After you remove the grout completely, you can break the damaged tile and remove it with the chisel. You have to remove all the materials remaining on the substrate and create a smooth surface for replacement.

You must remove the grout from the sides of the adjacent tiles as the new grout will look different from the old one. You should carefully remove the grout and make sure that the edges of the tiles are not damaged. For replacement, you can use the same adhesive as the old one and allow them to set for 24 hours. Buy the grout that closely matches with the old one. You have to place the new tiles and add the grouting material to its sides. Allow them to dry for a few hours and then clean the surface. Make sure that the repaired floor remains protected for 24 hours.

You can easily replace the damaged tiles and professional installers are the best to carry out the work. Floor tiles need good care for long-lasting and beautiful appearances. While ordering them, you have to get in a few extra, as they may come of use at the time of replacement. You should not drop hard materials on the surface as, this may allow the tile to develop a crack. You should not move heavy furniture on the surface as, it may produce scratches. You can research about them on the internet before ordering them. Buy the best tiles and lessen the cost, effort and time of replacement.

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