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One factor before you buy anything is planning and patience.

A little patience really will pay off and you should be able to find something close to what you require, but remember, you can’t always get every thing you want as rug design and colours are limited by many factors.

Buying a rug is an investment, so never rush into it. I like to look around and compare quality, return policies, warranty (should be at least 12 months) and how long a business has been trading for.

It helps to know what you are looking for, instead of walking blindfolded into rug shops and buying on impulse. Usually you regret it later when you see the same item cheaper or something better in another store or at a friends house. Choices can be confusing but choosing the right one is the key. This is where a referral by a family member or friend is sometimes a good way of finding a business with a good reputation and helpful staff, but remember they may not have necessarily done their homework either.

Whether you are buying a piece of furniture or decor items like a modern rug, you should look at the long term. Now you need to consider things like, will it work with the surroundings, does it liven up the area, should we have a rug in our lounge room to add warmth etc. When asking yourself so many questions, it should be obvious enough to enable you to work out the correct choice for which type and colour rugs you need. So when the decision to buy a rug is made, it should be well conceived and thought out.

There are many different types of rugs out there, from traditional, modern or shaggy rugs just to mention a few. So there definitely is something there for everyone to wet their appetite on.

Before buying a rug, there are two things that should be done prior to shopping around etc.

Firstly, I would suggest to measure the area where the rug is supposed to be placed. You should not do estimates and guesses as the tendency to buy rugs of wrong sizes is very high unless of course space is of no issue. Another point, take note of is whether there is furniture in the area and whether it’s going to be sitting on the rug or away from it as a feature, as these factors affect the size that is to be measured.

Secondly, work out a preferred colour template and design for the rug, based on the furniture colour and the existing decor. Something that works with the colours and manages to give a lift is usually the best option. As rug stores nowadays have online stores, you can browse through them at home and at your leisure, check if there is anything there that tickles your fancy and bear in mind that, the colour settings of your computer monitor may be set differently from the people who uploaded the photos of the rugs. Seeing the range of rugs available online gives you a good indication of what range is available from that store, this can be helpful before heading out to a rug store.

When you have done all your homework and are ready to buy a rug online or from a rug store, just bring along a cushion or a sample of wall colours, furniture or spare tile etc. anything that has the same colour schemes of the area the rug is planned for.

These simple tips should save you time and money in finding the right rug the first time.

If you are having trouble finding the size rug needed, you may have to look at having a rug modified to suit your needs, remember! You need to give consideration to the design of the pattern whether it will look okay after modification, for e.g. a design that is random or has some lines along the border that you can cut along would be no problem.

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