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When an individual is thinking of selecting wood flooring, there are certain things that they need to consider. Like the kind of maintenance that will have to be done, the color of the furniture and walls, the amount of traffic present in the room where the floor is going to be installed, the design or style, the type of wood that is going to be used, the budget and other relevant factors. Other things to consider for wooden floors should be the guarantees and warranties, the expertise and certification of the contractor who is going to install the floor and the total duration it will take for the installation to be completed.

There are different grades (third, second, first, common, select, clear), cuts (riftsawn, quartersawn, plainsawn), species, style and types of wood flooring.

The different styles of wood floors are mainly:

Strip: not as wide as a plank but comes in strips of wood.
Plank: uses wider and linear planks of wood.
Parquet: a series of wooden flooring pieces that have been arranged in a geometric design.

There are various types of wood flooring such as unfinished, pre-finished, solid, engineered, and acrylic impregnated wooden floors. The basis of the kind of installation is also used to classify wooden flooring. In most cases, they are nailed, stapled, glued or floated. Other distinctions which are used are the color (mahogany, beech, bamboo, oak stain white, plum, walnut, pear, maple and ash), the patterns, and the dimensions. Exotic species of wooden flooring are also available, and they include red oak, maple, white oak, cherry and birch. In other cases, different kinds of wood are combined to create custom wood floorings.

Styles for wood floors will also be determined by the kind of room. Entry rooms or foyers should be done using custom designs like borders, accents, medallions and feature strips. Such designs are ideal for these kinds of rooms as they are formal areas. For dining rooms and formal living rooms, lighter wood colors should be used. Family rooms and kitchens will come out well if darker colors are used. Office rooms and bedrooms also need to have darker colors. However, the wood used should be stronger since such rooms have heavy furniture which is likely to be moved often.

Installation of these floors can be done by the home owner or by a contractor. With the current variety of choice, it is advisable to take the advice of a specialist before a decision is made. The internet can be a very good source for finding out the different varieties of wood flooring available for different rooms.

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