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Aside from carpets, most people would use hardwood, stone, and linoleum. However, both stone and wood can be very expensive while linoleum is actually unreliable. Fortunately, people can try using concrete floors and paint them to make them look attractive. As a matter of fact, painting concrete floors will not take long for you to finish. Aside from this, the whole idea is also very affordable, which can only cost you around $50 to $150. Here is a step-by-step process on how to paint concrete floors.

Prepare the Floor

1. It is important for your floor to be completely dry before starting this project. To do this efficiently, you can try using a dehumidifier to hasten the drying process.

2. Always wash the floor with degreasing solution. It is necessary as well to rinse the floor with a clean mop.

3. Always get rid of carpet glue using plastic scraper and brush. A Lacquer Thinner should be placed on the floor until it evaporates completely. The brush and scraper will then be used to remove the glue.

Sand the Floor and Vacuum

1. You can use medium grit sandpaper to remove old paint and marks on the floor’s surface.

2. Use your vacuum to eliminate left over debris.

Fix or Repair the Concrete

1. If your concrete floor has cracks, holes, and rough patches, you can try using Quickcrete to fill in the imperfections. A metal scraper and a damp cloth should be used to smoothen out the surface. Once done, allow the product to cure as instructed.

2. You can then use the roller to apply at least two coats of primer. Make sure that the floor is completely dry after each application. This will help bind the concrete perfectly to the floor.

Paint the Floor

1. Make sure that you use paint that is specifically made for concrete surfaces and not the type of paint used for deck or wood surfaces.

2. You should always start at the corner that is opposite the room’s entrance. You should apply at least 2 coats of epoxy using a clean paint roller. Doing this will not require you to have a paint tray. In fact, you can simply pour the paint on the floor and roll the rollers to spread the pain effectively. Your roller should have a 3/8 nap or less in order to produce a smooth finish with little texture.

Seal the Floor

1. A non-yellowing urethane type sealer can be used to cover the paint in order to create a glossy and polished look. However, this is not necessarily recommended.

2. Allow the floor to cure or dry for at least three days before you can try placing your furniture. Newly painted floors will always be susceptible for scratches. This is the reason why you should always place pads on all of your furniture pieces.

These are the things that you can do to enjoy your painted concrete floor in replacement to carpets.

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