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If you’re looking for cost effective flooring solution laminate flooring could be the answer for you. Laminate flooring is often a wonderful solution to give the look of hardwood floors without the expense, and also only taking a fraction of the time and effort to install that hardwood does. Laminate flooring is actually a multilayer synthetic flooring product fused together by the lamination process. It simulates wood or sometimes stone with a photographic applied layer underneath a clear protective layer. Not only is this product easier to afford but it is very much easier to install and maintain that traditional flooring options. Because of the increase in demand, the technology for laminate wood flooring and laminate tile flooring has been significantly increased over the last couple of years. Products are looking more polished and more closely represent natural products such as hardwood and tile.

Laminate flooring is relatively easy for the DIY homeowner to install. They are typically packaged as many tongue and groove planks that can be clicked together. Occasionally a glue backing is provided for ease of installation however the install of laminate floors is typically a ‘free floating’ product that goes right over top of the subfloor. Baseboards and or skirting boards can be removed and then fitted back right over top of the floor once it is laid. The planks usually only require saw cuts on the edges and around cupboard and door entrances. Comparatively it takes much longer and requires much more skill and knowledge to install a hardwood floor or tile floor. This makes laminate the ideal product for someone that is new to ‘DIY’; all without sacrificing on a good clean look.

In terms of care it is important to keep laminate clean as dust, dirt and sand particles may scratch the surface over time, especially in high traffic areas. Water or moisture can also cause the planks to swell or even crack, although water spills are not a problem as long as they are wiped up in a sufficient amount of time. Overall laminate wood floors hold up without showing scratches like hardwood can. They also resist dents and scratches better than tile, making them a great option for families with dogs or small children.

Laminate flooring now comes in patterns and textures that are very close to the real thing. This makes them an excellent substitute for the natural product. The cost difference is hard to pass up, the laminate flooring often costs half or sometimes even less than half of what other products do, not including installation. If you are unable to install this product yourself you can usually find a handyman, friend or family member to do it at a fraction of the cost as installing tile or hardwood. In today’s economy the cost of home renovations can be better spent elsewhere.

Overall laminate flooring is an ideal option for those that are planning a floor renovation who need to save money, or want to do a first project on their own. Laminate flooring has fast become an ideal solution to most home improvements.

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