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Maybe you haven’t given it much thought in the past because… well, you’ve walked all over it. The flooring of your home might not occupy your thoughts as much as other features in your home but now that you’re remodelling or constructing your own home, you’ve suddenly found yourself getting into discussions about finishes for the limestone flooring for your dining room and choosing larger tiles over smaller pieces for your living room. But why choose stone flooring over other materials? Here are five benefits to using stone tiles for your home.

It’s not as expensive as you think. If in the past, stone flooring used to be seen in stately mansions and elegant lobbies of hotels, these days, even the average home can have stone flooring installed in certain spaces, if not all spaces. You can use marble for your living room and travertine for your kitchen. You can use slate for your bathroom and outdoor entertainment space. If you’re looking to save more money, choose the best kind of stone tiles and have them installed in the most prominent space of your home, whether that’s the kitchen or the living room.

Marble flooring can increase the value of your home. The smart home owner builds with the future in mind. That means using materials that will last a lifetime and ones that will add to the property’s resale value so that when an opportunity to sell the house comes up, it’ll be more appealing to buyers who can pay a good price. In fact, stone flooring is even likened to wine in that the material actually improves with age.

Stone flooring is easy to maintain. Generally, damp mopping (after vacuuming) your stone floors will maintain its attractive appearance. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should let your kids, your guests, and your pets do as they will like scratch, or spill liquids on the floor. To avoid sand, grit, and other dirt from coming into contact with your stone flooring, simply add area rugs on either side (indoors and outdoors) of your home’s entrances. The rugs can collect any dirt before anyone comes into your home. If you haven’t got time to keep your floors shiny, select marble because it’s easy to polish. If you have pets, consider a honed finish so that your marble floor stays protected from scratches.

Quality stone, when installed properly, is durable. You only need to look to old buildings, cathedrals, and majestic houses that use stone flooring to know that stone tiles can last many lifetimes.

Stone flooring, whether it’s travertine tiles or marble, lend an elegant, distinctly lovely look to your home. Natural stone tiles add an aesthetic appeal to your property that no other floor material can do. Your home can be rustic and charming with slate or luxurious and grand with marble. Your home can be classic with travertine or modern with limestone.

You can make your home as luxurious looking as it can be with limestone or marble tiles. And you can find a good online dealer at for comparison on the best prices.

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