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In the world of reclaimed wood flooring we are surrounded by time-worn beauty. Whether it is a perfectly aged mix of red and white oak or a deeply amber hickory every beam and board we bring in reveals a new treasure.

But even in our world of amazing wood we have found that the consumer has spoken and made it clear that there are a few floors that they love more than others. Here is what we found

1. The king of the hardwood forest our antique oak distressed is without equal. A mix of both red and white oak with a touch of saw kerf left in for texture this floor is beloved and rightfully so. Once you have applied finish this floor reveals deep yellow ambers and rich brown variations.

2. Still in the oak family our Highlands Plank balances a desire for a rustic look with a mix of both red and white oak to create a floor without comparison. Ideal for spaces that are looking to recreate a sense of history or a strong visual counterpoint to a more modern look. Highlands Plank reclaimed wood flooring has roughly 50% of its surface with remaining saw kerf. Apply an oil based finish and the floor take on a deep hue without equal in its beauty.

3. For those most confident in their tastes nothing compares with antique hickory, nothing. Bright sapwood offset by dark mineral streaks and the warm browns and yellows of a centuries worth of exposure to light. The hardest hardwood we sell this floor is its own lifetime guarantee. No matter the finish you will be floored by the unique grain articulations in this floor.

4. Reclaimed heart pine. Along with oak almost everyone can identify the signature look of heart pine. Whether it is a character grade rich with knots and check or a select grade with a cleaner more elegant look heart pine takes your breath away.

Time has left more color in this wood than any stain can hope to achieve. This floor is most popular with historic restorations but we have seen some amazing contemporary applications as well

Our customers have been buying and loving these floors since we opened our doors over thirty years ago. The species listed above are just the tip of the reclaimed iceberg. No matter what you choose going with reclaimed will reinvent any interior and force the rest of the room to step up!

Prepare to be floored! The Woods Company reclaimed wood flooring has been making the world a more reclaimed and beautiful place for over thirty years. Visit our website to see all that we have to offer.

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