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Carpet is an expensive purchase, that’s why you need to make sure that you do everything possible to ensure your carpet lasts for years to come. Carpet maintenance includes having your carpet periodically professionally cleaned. This will not only extend the life of your carpet but also protect you and your loved ones from potential health problems.

Types Of Carpeting
There are several different types of carpeting, and some attract and collect dust, dirt, and mites more easily than others. Hand knotted carpets or machine made carpets are especially bad about storing dirt and bacteria, especially if you are in a home with small children or pets. Once these small particles become trapped in your carpet fibers they can then trigger allergies. Don’t fret though, because professional carpet cleaners are trained and experienced in determining what type you have and then implementing the best techniques possible to remove all these allergens and health hazards.

Types Of Professional Carpet Cleaning
Professional carpet cleaners use several different methods to clean your carpet depending on how dirty it is and what material it is made from. Some procedure use hot water to extract dirt and debris, while others include dry cleaning. There are also lots of techniques available to remove pet stains and odors, disinfect and sanitize, and treat and removing stains. The reason professionals can get them so much cleaner than you ever could with a DIY rental is because they use very powerful, high quality cleaning agents and machinery. Also, unlike store purchased cleaners, they are specially formulated to clean your rugs with damaging the fiber or fading the colors.

Typically, your carpet cleaning company will begin by professionally vacuuming your floors, and apply a chemical treatment that will loosen dirt and debris for easy removal. Next, they will steam you carpets to deeply penetrate the fibers to the roots and extract all buildup located there. Finally, your professional carpet cleaning company will apply a stain protector. Then it typically takes around 24 hours to dry.

Keep Your Carpets Looking New
Once your carpet has been professionally cleaned you will be amazed at how new and fresh it looks. Plus, it will last for years to come. It is well known that the dirt in your carpet will act like sandpaper removing the outer layer from carpet fibers and setting stains. This will wear your carpet out long before it should! Having your carpets routinely cleaned will prevent this from happening and keep your carpet looking new.

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